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High-Quality Logistics

When you are considering outsourcing your logistics, you wish to do so to a logistics partner that employs high-quality logistics. A reliable partner that does everything for its customers to offer quality, in every process.

5PLOGISTICS offers high-quality logistics

Our company was founded in 1892. Our customers use our services and keep using our services because of our top-quality at all levels.

Here is an overview of our principles:

  • Make logistics costs variable.
  • Benefit from economies of scale.
  • Reduce the costs of working capital.
  • Go for full digital integration with real-time insight into costs and return.
  • Work continuously on process optimization.
  • We ensure that all the links in the logistics chain are joined together by digital systems.
  • Our working method is paperless and offers real-time data
  • You are up-to-date on the status at any time so you can take action if necessary.
  • Also benefit from all economies of scale (warehousing, cross-docking, ICT, and co-workers).
  • Save on logistics costs.

Real-time insight into costs and return

We link our Warehouse Management System to your own systems, to give you the necessary management information in real time. This link makes the likelihood of an error occurring extra small. Customers are able to view these systems in real time.

Link to web stores

We are able to link our systems to almost all web store systems, thereby providing a real-time insight right away and enabling rapid switching.

We do it in the way you want it to be done

We are very careful with your things. We work with your items not as you would do it yourself, but as you would want to do it. Want to find out more? Get in touch with us!

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Our team consists of committed colleagues. Our aim is to provide quality logistics and we do our best to help you achieve your sales ambitions by taking care of and optimizing the logistics process for you. As a family business, we place a great deal of importance on creating a long-term and constructive collaboration, and we are willing to invest in this.

Your logistics – our care