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Want greater control over your logistics costs and activities?

To be able to scale up and down without running a risk of loss?

Warehousing & logistics for SMEs.

For web stores, wholesalers, logistics companies, and manufacturers!

Get acquainted with 5PLOGISTICS – warehousing and logistics

5PLOGISTICS allows you to lower logistics costs in a structural manner. Make logistical costs variable. Don’t run risks with high investments. This delivers a greater return and enables you to make timely adjustments if necessary.

What can we do for you?

Pallet space hire/Storage and order picking/Outsource logistics/Web store fulfillment                              

Pallet space hire

We have 10,000 pallet spaces in total, and a proportion of these are available for hire.


Stock management and short and long-term storage of goods or semi-finished goods.

Outsourcing logistics

Outsource your internal or external logistics (or a part thereof) and make your logistics costs variable.

Web store fulfilment

The complete web store logistics for your web store.

We are 5PLOGISTICS, your partner in logistics

You can hire pallet spaces from us, but we prefer to take over your internal and external logistics, enabling you to set aside more time and money for your core business. Together, we make sure that your customers are satisfied. We are the logistics partner for the SME on the A12. Always close by, personal, and a name you can trust.

Flexible in transport

Because we don’t have our own fleet of vehicles, we are extra flexible when it comes to selecting a transport partner who matches the customer and its products.

Why 5PLOGISTICS – Warehousing and logistics?

As chain partner, we help to design internal and external logistics as efficiently as possible.

Our approach is based on the following principles:

  • Make logistics costs variable.
  • Benefit from economies of scale.
  • Reduce the costs of working capital.
  • Go for full digital integration with real-time insight into costs and return.
  • Work continuously on process optimization.
  • We ensure that all the links in the logistics chain are joined together by digital systems.
  • Our working method is paperless and offers real-time data
  • You are up-to-date on the status at any time so you can take action if necessary.
  • Also benefit from all economies of scale (warehousing, cross-docking, ICT, and co-workers).
  • Save on logistics costs.

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