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Outsourcing logistics

Many web store companies, wholesalers, and manufacturers still perform their own logistics. They are often still unaware that managing logistics processes is a specialism. With the aid of our logistics services, we help these companies to reduce their logistic costs. By outsourcing the logistics, we are their hub to the rest of the world. Costs are being reduced and efficiency increased.


What does outsourcing logistics mean?

Many web store companies, wholesalers and manufacturers manage their own stocks. They manage the entire logistics process themselves with all the consequences this entails. Outsourcing logistics means ensuring that you have a good logistics partner who takes care of all logistics services on your behalf, enabling your company to focus on its core activities. And the best thing is: we always make savings on these logistics costs!

Advantages of outsourcing logistics

  • Make logistics costs variable
  • Benefit from economies of scale
  • Reduce the costs of working capital
  • Go for full digital integration with real-time insight into costs & return
  • Work continuously on process optimization
  • We ensure that all the links in the logistics chain are joined together by digital systems
  • Our working method is paperless and offers real-time data
  • You are up-to-date on the status at any time so you can take action if necessary
  • You also benefit from all economies of scale (warehousing, cross-docking, ICT, and co-workers)

Less working capital by outsourcing logistics

Through optimizing logistics services and good stock management, you require less working capital so, as an entrepreneur, you run less risk. Logistics costs decrease thanks to our logistics services.

Real-time insight into costs and return

When you outsource your logistics to us, we then link our Warehouse Management System to your own systems, giving you the necessary management information in real time. No logistics concerns, but control and lower logistics costs.

Smart supply chain – lower logistics costs

By outsourcing logistics, and with a smart supply chain, 5PLOGISTICS aims to make SMEs and corporate companies more robust, future-proof, and more profitable, causing logistics costs to decrease. Request a quotation now

As a logistics partner, we do that by reducing logistics costs, realizing economies of scale, and using smart ICT solutions. By making logistics costs variable, it is easier for you as an entrepreneur to respond to sales/production growth or decrease. Resulting in a greater return for your business. Want to find out more?


5PLOGISTICS specializes in logistics services and was founded in 1892. As chain partner, we aim to build long-term relationships and for close collaboration.

We design our warehouse logistics processes and ICT in such a way that they meet the needs of our customers (and their end customers) perfectly. Making ‘exceptions to the norm’ the challenge we like to accept. Want to find out more? Get in touch with us!

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Web store fulfilment
Many web stores take care of their own logistics processes.
Order handling, contact with the shipping agent, the handling of activities, managing returns, logistics customer service, etc.
We often hear that doing it yourself helps you to have control over the process, but what people often forget is that doing it yourself isn’t efficient by definition, and takes up a lot from the time available.
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