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Pallet spaces

Are you looking for temporary additional pallet spaces for your (logistics) company? If so, you have most likely come to the right place. We have an ultra-modern warehouse with 10,000 pallet spaces in total. Many spaces are available short-term for temporary storage.

Temporary storage

wholesale tradeMany of the companies with whom we do business (web stores, logistics, manufacturers, and wholesalers) regularly struggle with a shortfall in capacity in their own warehouse. We can accommodate this shortfall in capacity right away, potentially with the addition of smart logistics services such as order picking, warehousing, stock management, etc.

Good-value pallet spaces

The pallet spaces we offer in our large warehouse (10,000 pallet spaces) are very good value to hire. This is because we have designed our warehouse as effectively as possible for our various types of customers. If you want to know what it costs to hire a number of pallet spaces from us on a temporary basis, request a quotation now!

The specifications for our pallet spaces:

  • Constant temperatures
  • Virtually dust-free
  • Maximum security
    • Lockable part of warehouses
    • Online camera security
  • Easy to load and unload
  • etc.


5PLOGISTICS specializes in logistics services and was founded in 1892. Under the inspirational leadership of Maarten Lenthe, we work day in day out to reduce our customers’ logistics costs. We are located in Duiven and have a warehouse with a guaranteed 10,000 pallet spaces.

Our team ensures that we offer high-quality logistics on a daily basis. Customers hire pallet spaces from us and outsource their logistics to us, so that they are more flexible and always up-to-date on the latest developments.
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