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Storage and Order Picking

We take care of the entire storage and order picking service for a large proportion of our customers. Our warehouse is designed in a smart manner, which enables us to do smart order picking. We strive to be 100% error-free. We have 10,000 pallet spaces which we use in a smart manner. When you outsource the storage and order picking to us, you can be sure that it is correct and you can often enjoy a saving.

Efficient storage

We offer a top-quality service for our customers (usually web stores, wholesalers, manufacturers, as well as logistics companies). Our ultra-modern warehouse is designed in such a way that loading and unloading is a very efficient process. The probability of error is not just reduced to 0%, our approach is also super-fast.

From 2PL to 5PL

In addition to storage and order picking, we offer our customers a wide spectrum of logistics services. Not just warehousing, but also transportation, storage and VAL. This is often supplemented by planning and stock management and we offer our customers tailor-made logistics advice to enable them to make even further savings on logistics costs.


5PLOGISTICS specializes in storage, order picking and additional logistics services and was founded in 1892. Under the inspirational leadership of Maarten Lenthe, we work day in day out to reduce our customers’ logistics costs. We are located in Duiven and have a warehouse with a guaranteed 10,000 pallet spaces.

Our team ensures that we offer high-quality logistics on a daily basis. Customers hire pallet spaces from us and outsource their logistics to us, so that they are more flexible and always up-to-date on the latest developments. Want to find out more?

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