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Web store Fulfilment

Many web stores take care of their own logistics processes. Order handling, contact with the shipping agent, the handling of activities, managing returns, logistics customer service, etc. We often hear that doing it yourself helps you to have control over the process, but what people often forget is that doing it yourself isn’t efficient by definition, and takes up a lot from the time available.

Outsourcing web store logistics

Many web stores ultimately outsource their fulfillment or logistics to us. They know better than anyone that fulfillment and logistics cause much more work than you might actually expect. After all, when it comes to website logistics, it’s about a lot more than you might actually expect.

Web stores large and small

A new web store will do all these things itself. But when a web store grows, logistics operations soon run into problems. And that doesn’t have to be the case. Despite having a large warehouse, we are able to offer smaller/often growing web stores services too when it comes to logistics and, of course, fulfillment. Our smallest web store hires as few as 5 pallet spaces from us.

What does web store fulfillment cost?

We are often asked this question. What it costs. There’s no easy answer to this, other than to say we often save web stores money. The costs depend on a number of variables, and we will be happy to calculate them for you. Request a quotation now.


5PLOGISTICS specializes in web store logistics services and was founded in 1892. We are a chain partner that aims to build long-term relationships and a close collaboration.

We design our warehouse, our logistics processes, and ICT in such a way that they meet the needs of our customers (and their end-customers) perfectly. Making ‘exceptions to the norm’ the challenge we like to accept. Want to find out more?

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